Case History: Louise's story

Louise was diagnosed at laparoscopy with endometriosis in December 2004. She had had painful periods for many years but in the last few years they became more painful. Louise often got cramp like pains before her period started and/or when it started, having pelvic pain and pain in her back and bowel. The pain was sharp and could be excruciating so that she would be rolling around on the floor in agony. Some months she also had pain mid cycle. The first scan was in October 2004 and then a laparoscopy followed. They diagnosed mild to moderate endometriosis and removed a large cyst from one of the ovaries. Following the operation the doctor suggested she take some GnRH analogue drugs to simulate menopause, but Louise decided to go down the path of good nutrition to control the pain as she and her husband wanted to continue trying for a baby.

Lousie had a menstrual cycle of 26-28 days, but always had abdominal pain from day 7 to 14 and for a week before her period and during the period. She would be rolling on the floor with pain, cramps in the abdomen and into her back, hugging a hot water bottle helped. She would be nauseous with the pain. Even at ovulation she would experience one day of debilitating pain. Trying to work at these times was a trial, and she had to take days off work sometimes.

Having tried for 2 years to fall pregnant to no avail she found Dian's book and decided to stop eating wheat for a time. By March she only had mild twinges. When wheat was reintroduced the bad abdominal pain returned. Louise felt ill with endometriosis, was constantly tired with headaches and irritable bowel pains for two years.

Louise saw Dian in March 2005 and changed her diet to cut out wheat, refined sugars, oranges, cows dairy foods, coffee and chocolate. The pain began to get better and after about 3 months on this diet and she had no pain around her period or mid cycle and felt great. Louise became pregnant in September 2005 after 21/2 years of trying. She was able to eat organic cow's dairy and goats, sheep's and buffalo dairy foods. The first step with supplements was to take slippery elm and an acidophilus as well as taking a good quality fish oil and multi vitamin-mineral tablet and some magnesium to stop the menstrual cramps.

Gradually pain subsided and periods became shorter with normal flow. Vitamin C and E were used at various times as required. Digestion improved greatly. At one party Louise had a bite of chocolate cake and had immediate nausea and suffered abdominal pain all night, so she avoided all wheat from then on. We treated Louise's husband to ensure his health was excellent. Louise now has a healthy little girl, born in July 2006.