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Nutritional Therapists

The Healing Team
Dian Shepperson Mills Cert Ed. BA. Dip ION MA. will do her best to support you if you choose to try nutritional medicine. We will work together as a team. The nutrition path will help to improve your health in the reproductive, immune, digestive amd nervous systems. It will affect the health of sperm, uterus and ova. Nutrients also work towards reduction of pain as some nutrients are anti-inflammatory in action whilst others act as analgesics. If your body has these in short supply because your digestion is poor then your bodies pain control is also likely to be poor.

The treatment is highly individualised nutritional counselling as your well-being is important in the healing process. Infertility is distressing, but Dian has worked with over 800 women with endometriosis, PCOS and unexplained infertility and they often find that their quality of life is improved as symptoms which we have percieved to be from endometriosis have subsided. Dian had the disease herself but found that nutritional medicine relieved the symptoms. She had taught nutrition for seventeen years and after she got well Dian retrained for six more years nutrition research into how nutritients affect the endocrine hormones. In today's world with it's tainted foods our bodies struggle to obtain sufficient nutrients (see the case history section). Many women do acheive a pregnancy after a few months following a healthy eating program.

Miracles Can Come True
Finding your health again and acheiving a pregnancy by the nutritional path requires perseverance for a few months of your life and we will do our very best to support you through this process. At the clinic we love to see our patients recover their health through natural means when all else has failed.