The Fertility Show

2nd and 3rd of November 2013
Thank you to all those people who came to our stand over the Fertility Show weekend. Many came and said how they liked Dian's talk on Food for Fertility but could not get all the information down. We offered to put up the slides as a pdf, you can now download these slides click here Dian gave a similar version of the talk at the Nutri Centre on Wednesday the 30th of October. Please see below.

New Talk on the Fertility Diet

Wednesday the 30th of October 2013
Eating for your Fertility
Learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to help boost your fertility.
With Dian Shepperson Mills. To watch the lecture click here.

New pages offering a wheat free recipe each month


For now we have set up a recipe and a snack recipe for each month. If this prooves popular then we may increase the number. Please give us your feedback

Talks for Endometriosis awareness week

Wednesday the 6th of March at 7pm
What is a Normal Period?
Learn how to reduce your pain using an anti-inflammatory diet
with Dian Shepperson-Mills, Nutritional Therapist

Many women experience period cramps, mild pains requiring perhaps the odd paracetamol. Other women have severe, disabling period pains, along with abdominal bloating/distention and bowel problems, which require strong painkillers. We will look at how the body controls pain and which nutrients are involved in pain reduction, and which foods can help to prevent PMS symptoms like breast tenderness, irritability and tiredness. We will talk about the many causes of period pains, fibroids, adenomyosis and endometriosis. Dian will discuss which foods help the body to reduce inflammation and control uterine cramps. A healthy reproductive hormone system depends upon the way the liver and digestive system work. Dian will help you to discover ways to improve your health and decrease the period pains.

Wednesday the 13th of March at 7pm
Your Fertility Depends Upon Your Food
How Endometriosis & What You Choose to Eat Affect Your Fertility
with Dian Shepperson-Mills, Nutritional Therapist

Nowadays 1:6 couples struggle with infertility; it can be heartbreaking for those with endometriosis, PCOS, low sperm count and unexplained infertility. Our Edwardian great-grandmothers gave birth to ten to eighteen babies! What was their secret to being so fertile? Birth control, fast food and pesticides were unheard of in those days. People ate a traditional seasonal nutrient rich diet, lives were less manic, and women were fit from walking and housework. The ovaries, testes and uterus depend upon nutrients to make new cells and tissues, and getting those vital nutrients into the developing ova, sperm, blastocyst, embryo is crucial. Research shows that if the mother is eating a low protein diet from day 1 to day 20 after conception the babies heart cannot develop adequately and the child develops heart disease in later life. Having a healthy baby that grows into a healthy adult is important. Both mother and father need to be healthy from at least 3 months before conception. We will look at research on nutrition, endometriosis and fertility to investigate what you can do to improve your reproductive health.

Talks for the Endometriosis SHE Trust UK.

You can attend the talks at the NutriCentre or watch live or catch up after the event. The attend contact the NutriCentre and book your place, Click here.

Dian was invited to speak at the Icelandic Conference on Endometriosis in September.

Making Babies booklet

A new booklet is now available see order

The Fertility Show

We attended the Fertility Show 3-4th November, Olympia London, where Dian gave a talk on nutrition and fertility. You can download a pdf version of her slides and view them at your leasure.

Click here to download.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Atlanta October 2009

Dian was elected Chair of the Nutrition Special Interest group and the petition the ASRM Board to form this group in April was successful.

Denver October 2010

The Nutrition Special Interest Group held various sessions all very sucessful.

Florida October 2011

The first postgraduate training session of the Nurition Special Interest Group was organised by Dian. This was a very successful day.

San Diego October 2012

Dian held a luncheon round table discussion on nutrition and fertility.

Boston October 2013

Dian chaired an interactive session on nutrition and fertility.

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