Infertility is a term that is used to often and in the wrong way. Although a lot of people get classified as infertile I believe that they are being misclassified and given the wrong label. Most individuals or couples are labelled infertility after two years of trying. The majority of these are I believe subfertile rather than infertile. Infertile implies that it is impossible to become fertile and for some that may well be the case but the majority it is not the case. From statistics something like 40% will conceive after a further two years.

When you look at the various stages of the journey for the new born child and the difficulties faced it is hard to understand how the population is still growing. First you have the marathon swim of the sperm and its perilous journey through a hostile environment. When it reaches jouneys end it needs enough strength to break through the wall of the egg. The fertilised egg then needs to locate a nutrient rich part of the endometrium and stick to it, implant itself. It then has to develop and grow and reach a suitable size to live and breath on its own. This is the miracle of becoming a parent and bringing new life into the world.

Unexplained infertility

One of the other labels that seems to be in vogue is unexplained infertility. This is all to commonly used when the gynaecologist cannot find any reason for the lack of fertility. A nutritional therapist would think of a number of reasons for this and look further.

Remember it takes twelve months to make a baby so for three months before conception both partners should be avoiding alcohol, coffee, contact with harmful chemicals and be eating as healthily as possible. Plenty of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, organic if possible. Avoid foods that you have problems with, not just allergic reactions but foods that you are intollerant to, wheat and dairy are common items that some peope are intellerant of. Also remember plenty of water and exercise. If you are having trouble working out what the best course of action is for you then why not consult with our nutritional therapists.