Our Promise to You

Although we cannot promise any outcomes from your treatment with us we can promise that our nutritional therapists will do their best to ease your symptoms, improve your immune system and increase your chances of conception. From the research we do with the adopted MYMOP questionnaire (see below) we know that a large number of our patients get a real benefit from the programme.

What happens

Your first appointment with a nutritional therapist will last one hour, you will need to fill in the questionnaire prior to the meeting and bring it with you. The nutritional therapist will go through the questionnaire and ask a number of questions, getting to understand exactly what is happening with your systems. The questionnaire also gives an indication of your vitamin and mineral shortcomings so it is in every ones best interest if you fill in the questionnaire as accurately as possible. The nutritional therapist will go through your diet and will possibly suggest a number of things that you should reduce from your diet, others that you should avoid and also things that you should eat more of. Although some things will be general good nutritional advice others will be specifically for you.

A nutritional supplement programme will also be designed specifically for your needs, some of these will be for short term use, while others will be for longer term. Either way the programme is devised to last for 4 weeks and should be reviewed at a follow up consultation. The follow up consultation will last for about half an hour. There are no hard a fast rules about number of consultations but you should think of at least three monthly visits as the minimum.


Your nutritional therapist will design a nutritional supplement programme a give you the option of ordering the supplements through the clinic. You can buy them yourself, but be sure that you only buy the make and model of the supplements that are prescribed for you. Other makes may not be so easily absorbed into the body and may contain different formulas to the ones prescribed and have different levels of vitamins and minerals. So it is important to follow the prescription closely.

Monitoring Progress

The Endometriosis and Fertility Clinic use a self monitoring system so that clients and the clinic can measure and monitor the improvements made on the programme. We use a modified MYMOP form (Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile designed be Dr Charlotte Paterson). The idea is that you choose one or two symptoms that are important to you, an activity that your condition is effecting and your sense of wellbeing. You then score each symptom, the activity and sense of wellbeing between zero and six, with zero being as well as you can be and six being as ill as possible. You then monitor these symptoms and the next visit you score yourself against the same symptoms, activity and sense of wellbeing, and introduce a new symptom if one has developed over the period. We also ask about changes in medication, what foods you have avoided and how closely you have followed both the supplement programme and the dietary advice.


The results from the MYMOP information is used not only to see how you are benefitting from the treatment but also to research into the effectiveness of your treatments for specific conditions. The results may then be published at various conferences or written up as papers. Be assured that no personalised information is used in any research publications that we produce. This information is key to show the effectiveness of nutrition at combating various conditions. Thanks to your contributions we are now being able to show how effective nutritional therapy can be to the medical profession in scientific terms.