Case History: Anne's story

I was diagnosed with endometriosis, adenomysis and IBS in July 2005 after having a laparoscopy and laser surgery to remove adhesions. I was informed by my consultant that eventually I would need a hysterectomy. So, in February 2006 I decided that I would like to try and have a baby if at all possible. My consultant recommended IVF and we started the process of looking in to options. At the same time, I also started trawling the internet for any information I could find on complementary treatments for endo.

I was fortunate enough to find Dian's book and was pleased to see that she had a surgery close to my home in Putney. I had a consultation with Dian and was left feeling much more positive about the possibility of actually having a baby once my body was healed from the endo. I had monthly consultations with Dian and followed a strict wheat free diet and had a number of different vitamins to take each day. I soon started to feel better and my painful and heavy periods became a thing of the past. I also felt much better in myself as I could go about my daily life without being restricted by pain.

In June 2007 I was amazed to find out that I was pregnant and in fact repeated the test 3 times just in case! On 13 April 2008 (16 days overdue!) I gave birth to a very healthy baby girl (8lb 9oz) called Emily Grace. I am very grateful to Dian for her advice and treatment which has helped me have the little girl I have always dreamt about. Thank you!