Case History: Jackies story

When I discovered that I had endometriosis I embarked upon a series of quests which I hoped would lead me to the desired goal - another pregnancy. A visit to a Foresight clinician advocated an anti-candida diet - no tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate, fruit for one month and no yeasty food etc. This alongside dietary supplements of vitamins and minerals, zinc and vitamin C. For the first two weeks I felt tired and suffered dreadful headaches and then started to feel better. However, the endometriosis symptoms did not abate and the much longed-for pregnancy did not happen.

My next visit was to a macrobiotic consultant. This time the diet was extremely strict and very narrow, unnaturally so. For a few months I lived off brown rice, oats, barley, organic vegetables, pulses, seaweeds, miso and very occasionally a smal amount of fish. This regime stopped the pain and also my periods, but quite frankly was not a diet that I could stick to for any length of time. However, I did discover that organic vegetables tasted far nicer than ordinary vegetables and this is something that I have continued in my diet.

Vitamins, minerals and any other supplement were advised against. However, I did continue the Foresight vitamins and minerals as I considered the diet to be too restrictive - still no pregnancy

In desperation I finally turned to you as my nutritionist to advice me in detail about foods and their effects on the body. I learned about the effects of gluten in susceptible people, the importance of cold-pressed oils and the link between animal fats and over-production of oestrogen in the body. For the first time somebody was actually taking time to explain the effects of food in detail. I modified my diet with the help of Dian and for the first time felt comfortable with how I was eating. She also prescribed vitamins and minerals, such as a multivitamin-mineral, zinc and vitamin B6, antioxidants, probiotics and a digestive enzyme, all tailored to my needs. I felt so much better and shortly afterwards became pregnant with my second child and suprise, surprise, two years later produced my third child! The gynaecologists had said that my endo was too bad for any pregnancy to take place. Throughout the various regimes I followed I learned something new about nutrition and these things I follow to this day, with the result that the endometriosis has completely cleared up and there has been absolutely no recurrence.