Case History: Vicky's story

In late September I went to see a nutritionist in a desperate state. Over 3 1/2 years I had undergone 4 IVF and ICSI procedures, countless inseminations with ovulation induction drugs and 2 major surguries for endometriosis. My husband and I then moved from New York to London in July before undergoing a 5th IVF and ICSI procedure. Our NY doctor was by then also recommending donor eggs!! I felt sick and run down and sought nutritional advice at the end of September. After 3 months on a healthy eating regime I started to feel much better than I had in years. On January 15th my period was quite late and I took a home pregnancy test.

Much to my joy and disbelief it was positive. My husband and I had prayed for a natural conception and we cannot express our joy and gratitude. Nutrition does work! Our son Mathew Michael was born that October. Two years later I followed the same plan and had a baby girl.