Case History: Leonora's story

I always suffered heavy, painful periods lasting 5 days; digestion was bad; PMT and ovulation triggered nausea. October 2000 laparoscopy revealed very severe endometriosis in both ovaries. 6 months of Zoladex was difficult with hot flushes and shivering. Then I was on the Pill for 9 months. I still got painful periods.

I saw Dian in March 2002, I was depressed about infertility caused by endometriosis. Dian said – “Just give me 3 months to try and get body biochemistry working effectively again and we will see what happens”. Dian prescribed a diet free of wheat, sugar, and coffee and a selection of supplements to support digestion and reproduction. The next period was lighter and less painful.

Consultants in the fertility clinic said our only real chance of having a child was adoption or egg donation. My FSH reading was very high. The consultant’s said I was in early menopause with hardly any eggs left. At only 33 years old! Naturally I was devastated and wept.

Dian was extremely supportive, the only person offering us any hope. My next period in June 2002 never came. There is a strong possibility that I was already pregnant at the time the consultant was writing off my chances of having a baby.

Gabriella Joanna was born on the 12th February 2003. She is gorgeous and healthy, a constant reminder not to give up hope and that miracles happen.